CMYK can’t wait to install its new Scodix

Trade printer CMYK Hub says it is looking forward to installing its new Scodix Ultra digital embellishing solution, which it says will ensure it meets customer demand for fast turnarounds.

The company, which has hubs in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne – where the new Scodix will be installed – runs B1, A1, A2 and A3 offset presses and has high volume of digital capacity to provide services to its trade customers.
Speaking with Australian Printer, Trent Nankervis, managing director of CMYK Hub, says the company ordered the Scodix Ultra late last year but was asked by the supplier Currie Group to allow the machine to be displayed at PrintEx.

Nankervis says, “We had the previous version and wanted to upgrade as this one will help us keep up with the increasing demand of faster turnarounds.

He says while demand for high speed turnaround is becoming more common, it does not mean higher revenue for the business as people are reluctant to pay more.

Nankervis says, “Everyone one wants their printing done fast but because of digital they don’t order bulk and also there is less room for mistakes. The jobs also come in at once and so one day we have lots of work and the next day it will be quite again.

“What is happening is that the job value is decreasing, so people want their work done and fast but don’t want to pay more – that is definitely a trend we are seeing.

“We are doing more work but not making as much as we would if it was a few years ago when the value of the jobs was more and people ordered more bulk, but I think many printers are in the same boat.”