Go Asia Services

We work closely with imaging and graphic art related technology manufacturers to find the relevant Asian partners and channels in order to penetrate the Asian market through various types of strategic relationships.


We assume full responsibility for the sales, business development and field marketing activities on behalf of our clients. Our personnel are fully integrated into the client organization and culture. We act as any other team member of your company’s sales force through the process of planning the sales targets end execution of the marketing plan.

Sales Activities Includes:

  • Appointing distributors and dealers – Channels Allocation
  • Growing and increasing the efficiency of the distribution/sales network
  • Training distributors, sales, and marketing staff
  • Creating sales and execution per channel
  • Relationship management
  • Sales force recruitment and management
  • Negotiation & Recruitment
  • Sales Plan and execution
  • Funnel follow up

Business Development includes:

  • Industry Partners
  • Developing marketing/sales strategies for new and existing products
  • OEM channels
  • Establishing relations with Global players
  • Directing Sales for large & strategic customers

Field Marketing Activity includes:

  • Guiding the development of a marketing programs for Asia
  • Formation of networks of influential product advocates
  • Participation at local trade shows & events
  • Seminar initiation
  • Success stories

Introduction Services:

Together with specific market research, tailored to your needs, we also provide introduction services to local distributors and companies in all countries of Asia Pacific territory, through meetings we organize with the companies you wish to meet, while accompanying you to the first meetings – all these facilitate the first steps in the new territory.

Step by Step

 New territory:

  • Establishment of strategic goals
  • GTM
  • Channels
  • Build an operational plan,
  • Sales,
  • Marketing, Knowledge Execution.

Existing channel:

  • Appointing BD account manager for Asia.
  • Provide training to our local team.
  • Introduction to the local channel.
  • Set the go to market plan.
  • Execution.